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Data Recovery - Why Backup your data.

DATA RECOVERY When a computer hard disc has problems it may not be the end of the world. So long as the disc 'spins-up' it may be possible to recover any data that is on the disc. The ease with which the data can recovered depends on what has been done since the the disc 'failed' but in the vast majority of cases it is possible to recover some, if not all, of the data on the disc. My 'No fix no fee' offer DOES NOT apply to situations where data recovery off a failed disc is undertaken. If you have a PC on which you store IMPORTANT data e.g. wedding photos, financial data you really, really, really should have a backup of that data. Consider these examples that I have personally experienced.

THE SMALL BUSINESS I was called to help a small one man business to try and recover some lost data after the computer disc failed to start. Unfortunately he had asked a friend to help and the friend had done his best but in the process had overwritted the data that was important and made it unrecoverable. The data in question was a set of invoices for work that he had completed over the last 2 months that, for various reasons I won't go into, he had not sent out. The problem was that he didn't have details of all of his work for the entire period and as such could not complete all the invoices and if he couldn't complete the invoices he couldn't send them out and if he couldn't send them out HE DIDN'T GET PAID!!! After a considerable amount of effort, 2 or 3 days work on his part, he was able to reconstruct most of the invoices and send them out and so was paid however he was unable to re-construct all the invoices and by his own admission lost 'about' a weeks work. This cost him in monetary terms ~£700 pounds that he was not paid this was in addition to the considerable additional time and effort required to manually reconstruct the lost data. He estimated the incident cost him ~£1500 ALWAYS BACKUP IMPORTANT DATA

THE HOME USER Digital cameras are just wonderfull. When combined with a PC to help tidy up and print the picture they are superb. A computer literate friend of mine had been a keen digital photographer from a very early stage and had always copied his pictures to his computer. Over the years he had upgraded his PC disc several times and successfully copied his old pictures to the new disc each time. One day his PC wouldn't start. The disk had failed and what was worse was that it wouldn't spin up and so I couldn't begin to help him I recommended a firm that can deal with failed drive that are not working at a physical level he approach them and was quoted a price in excess of £1000 to recover all the data which was just to much. The data was lost....FOREVER. Luckily, very luckily, he had not disposed of the old disc that he had upgraded from with all the pictures still intact on it. The old disc was 20 months old and instead of losing everything he had only lost the pictures for that period. This covered 2 of his young daughters birthdays, holiday, family gathering etc, etc. To say that he was not happy is an understatement his wife was even less pleased.

My advice is ALWAYS BACKUP IMPORTANT DATA I can help you construct a backup regime tailored to your personal requirements.