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UPGRADES All Aspects of computer repairs are catered for. This could be something as simple as adding new RAM to a PC or laptop or the installation of a new hard Disc to replace one that is full including the restore of the operating system and ALL the data and applications that were on the original disc.

REPAIRS At some stage your PC or network will go faulty. It could be a hardware fault or a software fault. In either case the chances are very good that it can be repaired if it can be repaired then I can repair it. If it can't then I'll tell you it can't be and explain any options that you may have.

VIRUS REMOVAL Computers and the Internet go together well. Sadly the Internet also means software viruses and phishing attacks. In most cases a virus can be removed and the system recovered to the state that it was in before the virus attack took place by the use of software tools. In some cases, dependant on the specific virus attack, the virus CANNOT be removed. In this case the only option is to reformat the hard disc and start again in which case I well tell you BEFORE I start work.

NEW SYSTEM SETUP New computers as supplied by the manufacturers come supplied with all sorts of crud that just slow the PC down. A free trial of this, a free trial of that after which you are expected to buy them. In all cases they should be removed and replaced with cheaper, or in many cases FREE, alternatives. I will perform this work with you to show just what I'm doing and why and how it helps you and saves you money.

SYSTEM RECOVERY A computer is an electromechanical device and just like a car or washing machine it will fail. The nature and severity of the failure will depend on many factors. However, in almost all cases a failure is caused by a single component e.g. a CD/DVD drive, Network card etc. In this case these components can be swapped out for a new component and the system is as good as new. In many cases when a system fails the diagnosis of what has failed an why can prove complex this is, obviously, where I can help. I will diagnose the problem and advise what needs to be replaced (if anything) and let you know the cost(s) and if this is acceptable the work will be undertaken on a fixed price basis so that you will know EXACTLY what the repair will cost.

DATA RECOVERY When a computer hard disc has problems it may not be the end of the world. So long as the disc 'spins-up' it may be possible to recover any data that is on the disc. The ease with which the data can recovered depends on what has been done since the the disc 'failed' but in the vast majority of cases it is possible to recover some, if not all, of the data on the disc. My 'No fix no fee' offer DOES NOT apply to situations where data recovery off a failed disc is undertaken. If you have a PC on which you store IMPORTANT data e.g. wedding photos, financial or work related you really, really, really should have a backup of that data. MORE>>>

NETWORKING Computers are at their best when they are connected to other PCs on the Internet. Computer networking is a whole new and different world from PC setup and configuration. Connections can be made over a dial-up, wireless, broadband and direct PC-to-PC connections. I have experience of all these types of connection as well as other types of networking e.g. Mainframe to Mainframe connection and IBM and Tandem SDLC connectivity

SECURITY Your computer should be secured from hackers, virus attacks and phishing attacks I can configure your system to be significantly more secure that the base Microsoft configuration. To do this I use variety of FREE or open source tools. More importantly whilst making changes to your system I will go through what I am doing and why I am doing it so that you understand what is being done and why it will help you protect yourself from some of the less pleasant people on the Internet. MORE>>>